TheGoodOldDayz PVE 1 Server hosted by Ricky since 14th February 2014.

Last updated: 25th August 2020

These are the raw values copied from our server. Sometimes we make tweaks and these settings may not be updated right away. Some settings may degrade gameplay but have to be set for the size and how long we run the server for without wipes or to prevent greifing. In short, they are set the way they are for reasons. You may kindly suggest settings to be changed, Steamgroup/Discord and if plenty of players agree it may go through.

My Admin game name is Pigeon, I do not play on my Admin account, if you see me then I'm probably spanking/helping someone or testing something, whatever Admin guys do. You are welcome to write and we can chat if I have time in game or on Discord. Just note: I do not need to be treated special. I am just a "normal" person like you, who runs a server. You are probably better off asking game related questions to the other pros in the server though as I'm sure you would get much better answers... We also have server Moderators. Moderators are not allowed to play on their account and I prefer them to stay hidden, everything they do is logged and moderated by me. It is very rare the normal and well behaved players will see us, as it should be. People that ask to be a Moderator will usually never become one, I look for kind and passionate players, then I ask them. :)

Lastly I do take donations, as I pay to keep it running out of my own pocket. You can do so with Paypal: ( or [] ). Donations help with costs such as bills and hardware replacements of the server, I will never sell or "gift" anything. The reason I got into hosting is because I don't like playing servers that run a market place or where players bribe admins. It has made me more understanding running a server, but it still degrades the experience for the normal user. Ironically that comes at a cost to me, to run a server 24/7 with professional high grade hardware and relying on charity often covers no where near the realistic day to day costs. So for each $10 donated, as a thankyou, I double the experience on the server for a week. Everyone will benefit from your generosity helping with the server costs. What if someone donated money and told me to use it for myself? Then I would use it for hardware upgrades. I don't want any profit for myself, it is not why I host. I am passionate about hosting, I like the technical challenges and the friendly community atmosphere thats been forged over the years. Thankyou for caring and reading this far.

PVE1 Server Supporters (Totals since 2014):

Calibretto: $100 SP!TE: $100 Nevmore:$95 Dusk: $75 Bubbles: $50 Martindirt: $50 Asai: $40 eris: $40 Destinova & r1sky: $38 MajorTom: $36 Lostjoe: $35 Dropling: $32 Nokinte Schnieg: $30 Tamanegisan: $30 Pyscho: $30 Havelock: $25 Teosan: $25 Zelta: $22 Destinova: $20 Gnoll: $20 Joob: $20 Nash: $20 Pandazzz: $20 Panicked_Canadian: $20 Psycho: $20 Sgt. Murch: $20 shironeko: $20 Zyzz: $20 Eden: $19 Sarah: $19 Moss: $17 AssReaper: $15 Holyshiza: $15 JanObe & Swamprat $15 Dunedan: $12 Hunnia: $11 Adeline: $10 AptSon: $10 Beefsteak: $10 Buz Jee: $10 Carol: $10 Casey: $10 Chicho: $10 Dala: $10 Dalas0161: $10 Darkie: $10 Druid: $10 DukeofSussex: $10 Eddie: $10 Circlar: $10 Ethan Morgan: $10 Gorgonite: $10 Hank: $10 Joe: $10 Lynn: $10 macinsight: $10 Maelfunction: $10 Nevets: $10 Paulo Sincos: $10 Peaches: $10 Shadowwalker: $10 Jord: $5

Server Specs

Processing Power: Dual Intel Xeons @ 3.20GHz - Total: 24 Cores / 48 Threads. Memory: 128GB ECC DDR3 1600Mhz in Quad-Channel. Storage: x16 3TB WD Reds in RAID6 with 1GB cache. Network Bandwidth: 100Mbps up/down.

PZ PVE Server Info

nightlengthmodifier=0.75 - 25% brighter (outside only), at night. PVP=false - nobody can be hurt by other players. PauseEmpty=true - Pause time when empty. GlobalChat=true - This is enable because I want people to be social in a PvE server. Though it does ruin some of the atmosphere. It helps create a more social friendly server. Lets just pretend everyone has a phone and 4G still works. ChatStreams=s,r,f,all ShowSafety=false SpawnItems=Base.KitchenKnife,Base.Orange,Base.Banana,Base.Bandaid,Base.Matches,Base.Plasticbag Nutrition=true HoursForLootRespawn=9 - 45mins realtime. NoFireSpread=true - This will never be changed. PvE Reasons, Anti Greifing, Long-Term Map. NoFire=true - This will never be changed. AnnounceDeath=true - Allows people to pay their respects. rip. MinutesPerPage=0.2 PlayerSafehouse=true SafehouseAllowTrepass=false- adds an invisible wall for non prohibited players. SafehouseAllowFire=false SafehouseAllowLoot=false- prevents players not part of the claim looting. SafehouseAllowRespawn=true- respawn at your safehouse upon death. SafehouseDaySurvivedToClaim=2 - in game days. SafeHouseRemovalTime=336 - If you do not visit your claim in 14 IRL days you will lose it, logging in does not reset it, you must stand within the claim and actively do stuff. MaxAccountsPerUser=2 SleepAllowed=false - Tested it out, but it is not good for a big/public server. SleepNeeded=false HoursForWorldItemRemoval=5.0 - It's 25 mins IRL time. There is a lot of messy looters, I like to keep the server clean. It also has performance benefits. Will not despawn if players are near by. Faction=true FactionDaySurvivedToCreate=2- Requires 4 hours to create a faction. FactionPlayersRequiredForTag=3- Number of faction members needed before letting the owner create a special tag. SteamVAC=true- Valve Anti-Cheat. ItemNumbersLimitPerContainer=100 - Capped to prevent lag and keep map files smaller (Sorry). BloodSplatLifespanDays=1

Sandbox stuff

Zombies = 3, Distribution = 1, - 1 will spawn more in towns, 2 will allow zombies to spawn more often everywhere? WaterShutModifier = -1, ElecShutModifier = -1, Alarm = 6,- Set high, but mostly because it seems broken, it used to work? LockedHouses = 5,- Quite high because I assume people would lock their doors. FoodRotSpeed = 2,- Fast. FridgeFactor = 2,- Low. LootRespawn = 2, - Loot Respawns every day, However there are other internal factors. Temperature = 3, - Default setting due to winter/summer temperature and lack of clothing types. So changing it would be harsh. Rain = 2, - Dry setting, rain is useful for farming but it lasts too long. non stop for days(4-6 hours irl)?. So it's set lower. ErosionSpeed = 5, - Disabled on PvE1. CompostTime = 2, - 2 in game weeks. DaysForRottenFoodRemoval = 21, - 3 in game weeks. Farming = 4,- Crops will take slightly longer to grow. PlantResilience = 1,- Crops made more resilient so they are more likely to survive when you're offline. PlantAbundance = 1,- Because it's easy to farm when skilled, the abundance is set to very low. NatureAbundance = 1,- When skilled it's easy to gather food from the wild even when set to very low. FoodLoot = 1, - Low, to encourage players to grow, fish and forage for food. WeaponLoot = 1, - Low. Loot is rare to encourage players to explore, trade and because we also have reset areas that force respawn loot. OtherLoot = 1, - Low. Loot checks are also frequent and setting to low gives reason to actively keep seeking for loot. Rather than find abundance at longer intervals. XpMultiplier = 2.0, - x2 the default value. StatsDecrease = 2, - Set high for extra difficulty. EndRegen = 5, - Set high for extra difficulty. DayLength = 4, - 2 Hours, Main Reason for this is a lot of settings are based on game hours. It's a setting to balance everything. Helicopter = 4, - Adds abit of randomness and soisoisoi to the game. MetaEvent = 3, - Adds abit of randomness and makes players ask who's shooting in chat. SleepingEvent = 1,- Singleplayer setting? We don't use sleeping so we can ignore this. It may work on very small RP MP servers but not here. GeneratorSpawning = 4,- Generators spawns on world generation. Set rare because we also have them spawning via the modpack to ensure players can find them. GeneratorFuelConsumption = 0 - Set to no fuel consumption till devs fix the value. Please keep reporting it to them for us <3. Values less than 1.0 will always = 1.0, unless 0. AllowExteriorGenerator = true, - Allows generators to power things like gas pumps. SurvivorHouseChance = 1, - Disabled for the type of server we run. AnnotatedMapChance = 1, - Disabled for the type of server we run. CharacterFreePoints = 12, - Perky points on char creation. ConstructionBonusPoints = 5, - Structure is stronger than normal. NightDarkness = 4, - Because the day cycle is quite long, its a little brighter outside at night, It's still very dark in some areas thats not sun/moon lit. InjurySeverity = 2, - Default setting. Higher seemed to inflict wounds that never heal? BoneFracture = true, - Long term server, so you can enjoy your injury long term too. That'll teach you for falling off that roof! HoursForCorpseRemoval = 5, 25 mins IRL, clean up for better performance, If players are near by corpses will not despawn until the area is unseen. RemovePlayerCorpsesOnCorpseRemoval=true DecayingCorpseHealthImpact = 3, - Normal. Because death makes you sad. BloodLevel = 3, - Default. ClothingDegradation = 2,- Low. Feels too fast even on low but i don't want to disable it :( FireSpread = false, - This will never be changed, because we're a PvE server and it's a major grief tool for those that might want to cause harm to our players. MaxFogIntensity = 3, MaxRainFxIntensity = 2, EnableSnowOnGround = false,

Voice Chat

VoiceEnable=true VoiceComplexity=5 VoicePeriod=40 VoiceSampleRate=24000 VoiceBuffering=8000 VoiceMinDistance=1.0 - Minimum distance for voice volume to start fading. VoiceMaxDistance=40.0 - Max distance to hear voice chat. Voice3D=true - Directional voice chat, fade off did not seem to work when this was disabled.

Vehicle Settings

CarSpawnRate = 2, ChanceHasGas = 1, InitialGas = 3, CarGasConsumption = 3, LockedCar = 5, CarGeneralCondition = 2, CarDamageOnImpact = 3, DamageToPlayerFromHitByACar = 1, TrafficJam = false, CarAlarm = 3, PlayerDamageFromCrash = false, SirenShutoffHours = 0.2, RecentlySurvivorVehicles = 1, EnableVehicles = true, PhysicsDelay=500 SpeedLimit=52 ZombieAttractionMultiplier = 0.25

Zombie Stuff

Speed = 2, Strength = 2, (Normal) Toughness = 1, (High) Transmission = 3, Mortality = 7, Reanimate = 2, Cognition = 4, (Random) Memory = 2, Decomp = 4, Sight = 1, (High) Hearing = 2, (Normal) Smell = 1, (High) ThumpNoChasing = false, ThumpOnConstruction = false, ActiveOnly = 1, TriggerHouseAlarm = false,

Zombie Lore

PopulationMultiplier = 0.9, PopulationStartMultiplier = 0.9, PopulationPeakMultiplier = 0.9, PopulationPeakDay = 365, RespawnHours = 0.8, RespawnUnseenHours = 0.6, RespawnMultiplier = 0.5, RedistributeHours = 0.4, FollowSoundDistance = 50, RallyGroupSize = 0, RallyTravelDistance = 27, RallyGroupSeparation = 14, RallyGroupRadius = 7,

Whitelisted Items from cleanup

Base.LogStacks2, Base.LogStacks3, Base.LogStacks4, Base.BucketEmpty, Base.BucketWaterFull, Base.FullKettle, Base.WaterBowl, Base.Pot Base.WaterPot, farming.WateredCanFull, Base.Journal,